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About ME

Hi, my name is Shanna and I am a designer specializing in architectural lighting design. I have lived all over the world, most recently was New York, but now I am based in Nashville. I have been working in the design community for more than 8 years. My philosophy in design is to help tell a story. Whether that is through an image with photography, lighting design narrating an architectural space, or a branding identity system. I believe my experience in all three design areas help inform the others. These are important in helping craft the story you want to put into the world. I like to imagine life through other peoples eyes, seeing from different perspectives and how that can inform how I design. Some examples of what I have done for clients are portraits, lighting design for retail and logos.

When I am not helping clients bring their projects to life, I enjoy traveling and cooking. As a child traveler I would often find myself in a strange place observing and taking in all of my surroundings. Thankfully I have yet to shake that habit. 

If you have a project that you would like to collaborate on, drop me a line and let’s have an adventure.

Located in Nashville, TN.